Vietnam e-Visa Requirements For Sudanese Citizens

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Obtaining a Vietnam visa serves as the gateway to experiencing this beautiful country. What types of visas are available for Sudanese citizens, what documents are required for the visa application, and how much does it cost? This article provides essential answers, so be sure not to overlook it!

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Sudan

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Sudan

Summary of Vietnam eVisa for Sudanese citizens

The Vietnam eVisa offers the flexibility of single or multiple entries and remains valid for 03 months. It's important to note that the eVisa fee is non-refundable, emphasizing the need for thorough accuracy in the application process.

Once issued, the designated port of entry on the eVisa cannot be altered. In the event of a change in entry port, a new visa application is required as group applications are not accepted, with each application being designated for a single applicant.

What does a Vietnam eVisa entail?

It contains comprehensive details, including the individual's complete name, date of birth, gender, nationality, passport number, and expiry date.

It also includes the travel dates, purpose of entry, details of the inviting or guaranteeing agency/organization, and their contact information.

Notably, the Vietnam eVisa lacks the red stamp of Vietnamese Government authority as it's issued online.

Which types of Vietnam eVisa are for Sudanese citizens?

For Sudanese citizens, various types of Vietnam eVisas are available depending on the mode of application, purpose of visit, and desired length of stay. These include eVisas for tourism, business, or visiting relatives, with options for both single and multiple entries, valid for 30 or 90 days.

Regarding extensions, it's currently not feasible to extend a Vietnam e-visa. If you plan to prolong your stay beyond the visa's expiration, it's advisable to depart Vietnam for a neighboring country and re-enter with a new e-visa, commonly known as a "Vietnam visa run.”

Vietnam visa requirements for Sudanese citizens

For Sudanese citizens seeking to request a Vietnam eVisa, it's imperative to ensure:

  • The passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the arrival date and has at least 2 blank pages.
  • It is essential to have a digital copy of a passport-sized photograph adhering to Vietnam's visa photo guidelines, along with legible and complete copies of the passport's data page.
  • Specifying the exact entry port and having a credit/debit card for online e-visa fee payment are also prerequisites.

Sudanese citizens need a Vietnam visa to enter the country

Sudanese citizens need a Vietnam visa to enter the country

Vietnam eVisa Application Process - Instructions for Sudanese citizens

Step 1: Complete the Vietnam eVisa application form online by following these steps:

Enter the required information in your Vietnam eVisa application, ensuring accuracy and completeness:

  • Surname and Given name (Ensure consistency with your account name to avoid processing delays)
  • Date of birth
  • Current nationality
  • Email address
  • Religion
  • Planned travel dates (Visa validity depends on this period)
  • Passport details: type, number, date of issue, and expiry date
  • Trip particulars: purpose of visit, intended length of stay, entry and exit points, and temporary address in Vietnam (city/province)
  • After providing your information, review it for accuracy and receive a registration code (also sent to your registered email address).

Step 2: Make the eVisa fee payment online.

Step 3: Check the status and download your Vietnam eVisa.

Vietnam eVisa Processing Time - Important information for Sudanese citizens to remember

When considering the processing time for Vietnam eVisa applications, Sudanese citizens should note the following three options:

  • Normal: Suitable for travelers seeking to obtain their eVisa within 3 business days.
  • Urgent: Ideal for travelers who require their eVisa within 2 business days.
  • Super Urgent: Expedited processing for travelers who need their eVisa within 1 business day.

How to apply for a Vietnam visa from Sudan

How to apply for a Vietnam visa from Sudan

Vietnam eVisa Cost

Sudanese citizens must pay two types of fees associated with Vietnam visas: government fees and service fees.

Both fees are mandatory and must be settled before processing your visa application. The service fees vary depending on the number of visa applicants and the chosen processing time.

Applicants can make visa payments using electronic payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and bank transfers. It's advisable to review the payment guidelines to avoid any payment errors.