Vietnam Visa Requirements For Lesotho: New Updates

Explore the latest developments in Vietnam's travel policies, effective August 15th, 2023, bringing joy to international enthusiasts of Vietnamese culture and cuisine. The updated regulations now permit citizens from all countries and territories to avail of e-visas, enabling a 90-day stay with either single or multiple entries. Moreover, individuals from 13 specific countries enjoying unilateral visa exemptions can extend their time in Vietnam to 45 days.

For Basotho travelers, acquiring a Vietnam visa is a prerequisite for entry. Basotho passport holders can conveniently apply for a Vietnam eVisa through our secure system. If you're interested in understanding the specifics of the Vietnam eVisa for Basotho citizens, including its requirements and application process, this article provides comprehensive guidance. Seize the opportunity presented by this valuable resource!

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Lesotho

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Lesotho

Are visas required for citizens of Lesotho traveling to Vietnam?

Yes, Lesotho is not among the countries exempt from Vietnam visas, so obtaining a Vietnam visa is necessary. There are two recommended methods for securing a Vietnam visa:

How long can Basotho citizens stay in Vietnam with an eVisa?

Vietnam eVisa for Basotho citizens, an electronic travel authorization, permits travelers from Lesotho to stay within the authorized duration in Vietnam.

A Vietnam eVisa is valid for up to 90 days as either a single-entry or multiple-entry visa. Basotho visa holders can stay in the country for up to 90 days. Entry into Vietnam before the permitted entry date is not allowed. Additionally, Basotho citizens must depart the country by the exit date specified on their visa.

For example, if your visa is valid from January 1, 2024, to March 30, 2024, you can enter Vietnam any day within these dates and must depart by March 30, 2024, unless your visa is extended.

Review the Vietnam visa requirements for Lesotho

To obtain an eVisa for Vietnam, Vietnam visa requirements for Basotho citizens must be met:

  • A valid passport with at least six months validity from the intended entry date and no less than 02 unused pages for stamping at the Immigration border.
  • A digital passport photo of the applicant, clearly showing the applicant’s face.
  • A valid email address for communication and eVisa delivery.
  • Details of intended travel dates and departure dates.
  • An online payment method for the visa fees.

A Vietnam eVisa for Basotho is valid for up to 90 days

A Vietnam eVisa for Basotho is valid for up to 90 days

How to Obtain the Vietnam Visa Application Form

Once all necessary documents are gathered for a Vietnam visa application for Basotho citizens, follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete the visa application form by providing details such as entry checkpoint, travel dates, full name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, dates of arrival and departure, and passport number.

Step 2: Review all details provided in the application form before proceeding. Afterward, make the visa payment. Note that Vietnam Immigration Services may request your passport photo and portrait photo via email to complete the application process.

Step 3: After completing all steps, your visa will undergo processing and approval. Print two hard copies of your visa approval for obtaining a visa stamp at the international airport.

Cost of Vietnam Visa Application from Lesotho

The Vietnam visa application fees consist of two components: the government fee and the service fee, both of which are mandatory and must be paid before processing your application.

In terms of service, we provide three processing options for your visa application, each associated with a different fee:

  • Normal: Intended for travelers who wish to receive an e-visa within 03 business days. This is the most economical service available for travelers.
  • Urgent: Designed for travelers in need of an e-Visa within two business days. Please be aware that a small additional fee is applied for this expedited service.
  • Super Urgent: Geared towards travelers seeking an e-Visa within 01 business day. This service is suitable for those with urgent travel requirements.

Accepted payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and PayPal. We recommend thoroughly researching the payment guidelines to prevent any errors during the payment process.

Cost of Vietnam Visa Application from Lesotho

Cost of Vietnam Visa Application from Lesotho

Useful Guidelines for Basotho Applicants to Ensure a Smooth Vietnam Visa Process

After assembling all required documents, we recommend initiating the Vietnam visa application well in advance, ideally at least a week before your scheduled travel.

The Vietnam eVisa is applicable at Vietnamese seaports, land ports, and international airports. Opting for the Airport Fast Track Service is highly recommended to minimize waiting times at the airport.

Before applying for a Vietnam visa and settling the associated fees, carefully strategize your travel itinerary. Any changes post-government payment will be treated as a new visa application and may result in additional charges.

Upon approval, your national passport is electronically linked with your eVisa, emphasizing the importance of keeping them secure. In the event of passport loss or theft, a new visa application will be required.

While travel insurance is not obligatory, we strongly recommend obtaining it for your trip.

To sum up, the Vietnam eVisa for Basotho citizens provides a convenient travel option. Remember to review the Vietnam visa requirements before submitting your application. Should you have any inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.