eVisa Vietnam 3 Months For Paraguayans: How To Apply

The Vietnamese government introduced new policies aimed at boosting tourism. They also made adjustments to Vietnam's visa regulations, extending the validity of Vietnam eVisas from 30 days to 90 days. This prompts international travelers, particularly those from Paraguay, to consider the necessary preparations for their Vietnam eVisa application.

This article is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Vietnam eVisas for Paraguayan citizens, including visa requirements, efficient application procedures, and details on visa fees. It's essential not to overlook this valuable information.

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Paraguay: New Updates

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Paraguay: New Updates

Is a Vietnam visa required for Paraguayan citizens?

Paraguay is not among the countries exempted from Vietnam's visa requirements so they are REQUIRED to obtain a Vietnam visa.

So, what choices do Paraguayans have if they wish to enter Vietnam?

  • Contact the Vietnam Embassy to apply for a traditional Vietnamese visa.
  • They can opt to apply for an eVisa Vietnam 03-months (90 days) through Vietnam Immigration Services.

Introduction to the Vietnam eVisa

A Vietnam visa is a type of travel document issued by competent Vietnamese authorities, permitting entry into and travel within Vietnam.

The Vietnam E-visa is valid for 03-months (90 days), allowing for either single or multiple entries. Foreign individuals visiting Vietnam can apply for an E-visa directly or through reputable travel agencies and organizations. The E-visa fee is paid through an electronic payment gateway.

Updated Vietnam Visa Requirements for Paraguayan Citizens

The citizens seeking a Vietnam eVisa must adhere to the following visa requirements:

  • Provide a scanned copy of a valid Paraguayan national passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the intended arrival date.
  • Submit a digital portrait photograph.
  • Payment options: Acceptable methods include credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Paraguayan citizens are REQUIRED to obtain a Vietnam visa

Paraguayan citizens are REQUIRED to obtain a Vietnam visa

How to Obtain a Vietnam Tourist Visa from Paraguay?

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents for your Vietnam visa application, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible, preferably at least one week before your departure date. Follow the step-by-step instructions for applying for a Vietnam visa from Paraguay through the Vietnam Immigration & e-Visa Portal:

Step 1: Complete the Vietnam visa application form, including your passport photo, portrait photo, selected entry checkpoint, travel dates, full name, date of birth, passport number, passport expiry date, and, if applicable, your religion.

Step 2: Proceed to make the required visa payment. After completion, please check your email for a confirmation. Your visa application will then be processed.

Step 3: Once the visa processing is finalized, you will receive a valid Vietnam e-Visa via your email address. Remember to print it out and keep it with you during your stay in Vietnam.

How long does it take to get a Vietnam visa?

At Vietnam Immigration & e-Visa Portal, a Vietnam tourist visa normally takes 03 business days for a visa application. Moreover, we provide various timing options suitable for your travel plan. Take into consideration our options:

  • Normal services: It takes 03 business days. This is a standard option.
  • Urgent services: The option is suitable for an urgent plan. Your Vietnam visa will be done after 02 business days.
  • Super urgent services: The option is great if you have no time. The applicant will get a visa after 24 business hours.

How much is a Vietnam visa application?

In general, there are 02 types of visa fees the applicant has to pay: the Government fee and the Services fee.

The fee must be paid before processing the visa application through electronic payment gateways or bank transfers. It is noted that the Vietnam visa fee is not refunded no matter if your visa application is approved.

The payment methods accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and PayPal, as well as bank transfers. We highly suggest you research more about Payment Guidelines to avoid mistakes.

There are 02 types of Vietnam visa fees the Paraguayan applicant has to pay

There are 02 types of Vietnam visa fees the Paraguayan applicant has to pay

Some tips for a smooth Vietnam visa application

Here are some valuable recommendations to ensure a smooth Vietnam visa application process for Paraguayan citizens:

  • Protect Your Passport: Once you receive your Vietnam e-Visa, it is electronically linked to your passport. Safeguard your passport diligently to prevent any loss or theft. Also, ensure that only one passport is utilized throughout the Vietnam visa application procedure.
  • Convenient Visa Status Checking: You can conveniently verify the status of your Vietnam visa through our website.
  • Approved Entry Points: The Vietnam eVisa is accepted at various entry points, including international airports, seaports, and land ports.
  • Consider Travel Insurance: Although travel insurance is not obligatory for your visa, we highly recommend it for its security advantages and coverage during international travel.
  • Thoughtful Itinerary Planning: Plan your travel itinerary thoughtfully, and then proceed with your visa application and payment. Any modifications after making the government payment will result in additional charges for a new visa application.
  • Be Aware of Overstay Consequences: Overstaying your visa in Vietnam leads to substantial fines and placement on the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist.
  • Airport Fast-Track Services: If you're concerned about lengthy waits at the airport, we offer Airport Fast-Track Services to help you avoid extended waiting times.

We trust that this article clarifies the Vietnam eVisa for Paraguayan citizens, especially concerning the new updates in 2024. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our support team