Vietnam Visa Requirements For Tunisians: New Updates

Welcome to Vietnam, an enthralling destination where the fusion of history, culture, and natural wonders offers an unforgettable journey. In 2024, Vietnam remains captivating with its varied landscapes, lively urban centers, and genuine hospitality.

Discover the enduring allure of Hanoi, the capital, where ancient temples harmonize with contemporary skyscrapers. Wander through the storied Old Quarter, where narrow alleyways host traditional shops and showcase a distinctive mix of French colonial and Vietnamese architectural styles.

Applying for a Vietnam visa as an entry ticket is always the first step to visiting this beautiful country. Which types of Vietnam visas for Tunisians, what should I prepare for a visa application, and how much does it cost? This article will help you get answers, so do not ignore it!

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Tunisians

Vietnam Visa Requirements For Tunisians

Vietnam eVisa summary for Tunisians

  • The Vietnam eVisa allows for single or multiple entries and is valid for 03 months.
  • The eVisa cost is non-refundable, so ensure your application is complete and accurate.
  • The designated port of entry on your eVisa is fixed and cannot be changed after submission or issuance. If you need to change your port of entry, you must apply for a new visa.
  • Group applications are not accepted; each application is for a single applicant.

What does a Vietnam eVisa look like?

A Vietnam eVisa includes the following information:

  • Complete name, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality, Passport Number, Expiry date of the passport of the eVisa holder
  • Travel dates (visa validity)
  • Purpose of entry
  • Details of the inviting or guaranteeing agency/organization, including its address and phone number (if applicable)
  • Unique QR code containing certain details about the eVisa holder, such as Passport number and nationality.

Notes: Vietnam eVisa does not bear the red stamp of the Vietnamese Government authority as it is issued online.

Which types of Vietnam eVisa are for Tunisians?

Currently, here are the most popular types of Vietnam visa for Tunisian citizens:

Regarding the way of application:

  • eVisa

Regarding the purpose of the visit:

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Relative visit visa

Regarding the length of stay in Vietnam:

  • 90 days single entry
  • 90 days multiple entry

Vietnam eVisa Extension

Currently, it is not possible to extend a Vietnam e-visa. If you intend to stay in Vietnam beyond the expiration date of your e-visa, it is strongly advised to depart Vietnam for a neighboring country and then re-enter with a new e-visa.

Vietnam eVisa Requirements for Tunisians

To request an Evisa for Vietnam, Tunisians ensure that:

  • Your passport remains valid for at least 6 months beyond the arrival date and contains at least 2 blank pages.
  • You possess a digital copy of a passport-sized photograph adhering to Vietnam's visa photo guidelines.
  • You hold digital copies of your passport's data page, which should be legible and complete.
  • You specify the exact entry port.
  • You have a credit/debit card to process the e-visa fee payment online

Tunisians need a Vietnam Visa to enter the country

Tunisians need a Vietnam Visa to enter the country

Vietnam eVisa application steps - Tunisians carefully take notes

Step 1: Fill out the Vietnam eVisa application form online by following these steps:

Provide the necessary details in your Vietnam eVisa application, including:

  • Surname and Given name (Ensure your account name matches exactly; discrepancies may result in delays in processing)
  • Date of birth
  • Current nationality
  • Email address
  • Religion
  • Anticipated travel dates (the visa validity will be determined based on this period)
  • Passport information: type, number, date of issue, and expiry date
  • Trip details: purpose of entry, intended duration of stay, entry checkpoint, exit point, and temporary address in Vietnam (city/province)

After inputting your information, verify it, and you'll receive a registration code (also sent to your registered email address).

Step 2: Make the eVisa fee payment online.

Step 3: Check the status and download your Vietnam eVisa

How to apply for a Vietnam visa from Tunisia

How to apply for a Vietnam visa from Tunisia

Vietnam eVisa processing time - Tunisians should remember

Take into consideration 03 options eVisa Processing Time

  • Normal: For travelers who want to obtain eVisa within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: For travelers who want to obtain eVisa within 02 business days.
  • Super Urgent: For travelers who want to obtain eVisa within 01 business day.

Vietnam eVisa cost

There are 02 types of Vietnam visa fees that Tunisians must pay: government fees and service fees.

Both are compulsory and must be paid before your visa application is processed. The service fees depend on the number of visa applicants and the type of processing time.

The applicants can make visa payments through electronic payment such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, and bank transfers. It is a good idea to check the payment guidelines to avoid payment mistakes.