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    1 . New Policies On Vietnam Visa - The Validity Up To 90 days

    On June 24, 2023, the Vietnamese National Assembly passed the law amending and supplementing some parts of the "Law on Immigration, Transit, and Residence of foreigners in Vietnam," marking a significant step in attracting tourism and promoting diplomatic relations. New subjects related to visas for foreigners are expected to create a breakthrough for socio-economic development in general and of tourism development in particular in the process of international integration of Vietnam with the world.
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    2 . Vietnam's Tourism Minister Proposes Expanding E-Visa Program

    Vietnam's Tourism Minister has presented a compelling case for the expansion of the e-visa program to encompass all markets, driven by promising outcomes already witnessed in visitor arrivals. The proposal seeks to capitalize on the program's success and attract a broader spectrum of international tourists, fostering economic growth and reinforcing Vietnam's position as a premier travel destination.
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    3 . Ho Chi Minh City is the Best Place for World Digital Nomads

    Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam's bustling metropolis, has garnered international recognition as one of the world's premier destinations for digital nomads, standing strong among the top 10 cities in this category. Competing with other renowned global hubs, HCMC distinguishes itself through a combination of factors that make it a compelling choice for remote workers and digital entrepreneurs.
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    4 . Vietnam E-Visa Woes: Travelers Seek Efficiency and Reliability

    In recent news, travelers visiting Vietnam have encountered significant challenges when navigating the country's e-visa procedures. These obstacles have shed light on the need for improvements in the system, prompting calls from both tourists and industry stakeholders for more efficient and traveler-friendly visa procedures.
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    5 . Vietnam Extends E-Visa Duration For Tourism and Investments

    The Vietnamese government has implemented a significant change to the e-visa system in an effort to boost tourism and attract foreign investments. The previous one-month duration has been extended to an appealing three months, generating excitement among both travelers and potential investors. This move is expected to result in a surge of visitors and contribute to overall economic growth.
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    6 . Foreigners Await Vietnam's Potential Visa Rule Relaxation

    In an eagerly anticipated development, the National Assembly of Vietnam is gearing up to discuss the liberalization of tourist visa rules, raising hopes among foreigners for improved travel experiences. With expectations of positive outcomes, international travelers are eagerly awaiting news from the legislators.
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    7 . Vietnam Visa Approval Letter - Your Key To Hassle-Free Entry

    Vietnam is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. With its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and delicious cuisine, it's no wonder that so many people want to visit this country.  However, before you can travel to Vietnam, you need to have a permit access document. 
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    8 . Vietnam E-visa Re-opening

    Vietnam officially reopened the e-visa for foreigners after pausing for 2 years, because of Covid-19 pandemic. Now, citizens from 80 countries can apply for purposes such as tourist or business trips not exceeding 30 days.
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    9 . Vietnam launches e-visas for visitors from 40 countries

    Nationals of eligible countries will be able to apply for a 30-day single-entry e-visa starting February 1 2017.

    The Vietnamese government has announced a two-year pilot plan to launch an electronic visa system for foreign tourists visiting the country.

    Vietnam launches e-visas for visitors from 40 countries

    Under a government directive released in late January, citizens from 40 countries will be eligible to apply for the e-visas starting on February 1 2017. Included on the list are China, Japan, South Korea, the U.S., the U.K., Germany and Sweden, all major target markets for Vietnam’s tourism sector.

    It will take three working days for tourists to find out if their applications have been approved or not, according to the directive.

    Successful applicants will be able to print off their e-visas to present when they arrive.

    Visitors can touch down at any of Vietnam's eight international airports, including Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh City, Noi Bai in Hanoi and Da Nang in the central region. They can also arrive via land at 13 international border gates, and via sea at seven ports across the country.

    In November last year, Vietnam's National Assembly overwhelmingly approved the plan to allow foreign visitors to apply online for 30-day, single-entry e-visas.

    Apart from visa exemptions for tourists from the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Vietnam offers 15-day visa exemptions for visitors from the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Belarus.

    Tourism authorities are expecting to receive 11.5 million foreign arrivals this year, up 15 percent from 2016.


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    10 . Vietnam Entry Requirements 2023: Check Info For Uk Citizens

    For Vietnam Visa:

    It’s officially announced from 1st July 2015 that British passport holders (both in terms of tourism and business purposes) are now available to enter Vietnam up to 15 days without visa’s requirements. Upon business travelling purpose, customers need to contact a relevant Vietnamese department in order to allocate necessary procedures or licenses.

    Entry requirements for UK citizens

    By the way, Vietnam visa is strictly required if travellers wish to stay in Vietnam for a period of 15 days or more, also applied for those who re-enter Vietnam within 30 days of departure. Therefore, please carefully make sure to grasp the suitable Vietnam visa in right travelling purpose.

    First considerate priority is to get a Vietnam visa through Vietnamese Embassy before travelling. Get a multiple entries visa in case of dual plans to leave and re-enter Vietnam from other countries.

    As more convenient you may consider, there are legitimate companies that could help to make Vietnam visa on arrival. Just apply and follow the process visa website provided.

    Please carefully check the validity of your visa if you wish to overstay in Vietnam. Hence, you will stuck in delaying hassle if your visa validity expired.


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