How to settle the payment?

 Before settling payment, please note that you will be charged for service fee only, the fee for the arrangement of the Vietnam visa pre-approved letter for picking up your visa-upon-arrival at Vietnam airports. Once again, our fee is excluding of the stamping fee, which will be paid directly at the airport when you pick up your Vietnam visa. Please Click here to see our service fee.

We currently offer 3 methods of payment:

A. Settle the payment by credit card

It is the safest payment gateway by credit card. You can pay by using VisaCard, MasterCard. You will be required to provide your personal and credit card details.

If you still want us to help you get an India visa, you can forward the said email to select another method of payment.

B. Settle the payment via Paypal (www.Paypal.Com).

Paypal is the payment gateway by credit card, or by itself, because this is the most popular pocket payment now, and it is allowed many websites to accept online payments today. This payment gateway accepted Credit/Debit card like Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Dinner Club and many more.

With this case, you can get approved to proceed the visa right after you fill the secure form for visa because it was built right on the website so it is recommended to use, since Paypal always protect consumers. You can request refunds if they provide no services as required.

Note: You could opt for the money to be delivered in USD.

C. Settle the payment via bank transfer Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

This is the ultimate way to pay for the visa fees. But it is a bit complicated for those who do not know how to use online banking. And often the transfer of this money, will last longer than the above manner. It is also costly for the transfer money.

After getting the payment request details from us, you can go wire the money from your bank account to our Bank account. And please inform us by email, together with bank transfer receipts so that we can proceed the visa for you on time, avoid losing precious time of your report.

*Currency Conversion

We use USD (US Dollar) as list price for all our services.

Complying with Government requirement, the price of services and products must be converted into HKD (Hongkong Dollar) for any payment by Credit Card Method and SGD (Singapore Dollar) for any payment by Credit Card by Paypal Method.

For transactions involving a currency conversion, rates are derived from the mid-market rate, which is the mid-point between the "buy" and "sell" rates from global currency markets (exchange rate fixed at 1USD = 7.78 HKD and 1USD =  1.3 SGD). Reference mid-market rate at:;to=HKD;amt=1 and;to=SGD;amt=1.

These amount may differ due to currency convert with your local currency. Credit card statement might appear HKD (HongKong Dollar) or SGD (Singapore Dollar) depend on payment method you selected.

This term only apply for Credit Card payment option only, not for other options like Paypal account or Wire Transfer/Tele-Transfer.


  • Once your service fee is well received, we will process your visa approval letter which will be ready at our website after 4 business hours (urgent service) or 2-3 business days (normal service).
  • The fee you pay for us  is the fee used to process your visa approval letter and get stamping fee at the airport. See the visa fees for further details.

If there is any error payment and for more information about how to get the visa to Vietnam. Please contact us via email or Hotline. We always support you 24/7

Saving you time & money is our first priority.

Best regards,

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