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To answer this question, we have to give many evidences or proofs that can show you understand how convenient and reliable we bring to you for a Vietnam Visa issued.

1. How long did we stay with Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA), Vietnam visa online?

Song Thu Sai Gon Company Limited. - A prestigious company in the tourism field in gereral and particular in Vietnam visa on arrival. Up to now, we had over 10 years work experience together with team of dynamic staffs who have good professional skill and long working period. It is our honor that we have served and satisfied many customers from all over the world. Coming to us, you can choose from a variety of visa types such as Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Family Visa and others.

2. How trustworthy are we?

As you know, there are thousands of guest a year going to Vietnam through our visa service. That means our service is one of the best agents providing Visa online. And the quantity of guest increases day by day, because of many reasons but one main important is that who used to go with our services, they realize how trustworthy we are and they continue using many many times again. Besides, they invite their family, relatives and friends come with us too. By path of propagation like this, our website and service become friendly and trusted to a large of people to Vietnam from many countries around the world.

3. How convenient can you have with our support 24/7?

Instead of spending some days to Vietnam Embassy in your own country, now you can apply online with us for picking up your Vietnam visa upon arrival within several hours in urgent case or 1 to 2 working days or only 30 minutes for very urgent case. Although in public vocation or holiday, the Embassy will close but we still receive Visa booking online as normally.

We provide variety of options for a visa as type of visa, port of arrival, processing time, extra service. It is easy to customer for choosing the best one to their requirement.

4. How simple does the Visa online process to Vietnam take?

Vietnam VOA is rather simple for those who travel to Vietnam by Air, just visit our website and spend your time for 4 easy steps here.

First, you fill in the form with all your information on our website or send us an email for your Vietnam Visa Order, then submit us your payment online or directly. After receiving your payment confirmation, our staff will process your visa application and get the visa pre-approval letter back from Vietnam Immigration Department to obtain Visa stamped at the airport when your flight arrive to Vietnam. They are all for a Vietnam visa.

To save your time when collecting the Visa stamped at the airport, beside your valid passport please carefully prepare the approval letter, photos, cash, etc. which we recommend in our processing section or you should consider to use our Fast Track service. Our staff can help you for a fast - track procedure and collect your luggage.

5. How much fee and time can you save for using the Visa on Arrival Service?

I may say that Visa on Arrival is the cheapest and fastest way for a visa to Vietnam. As you know, beside the stamping fee at the airport, you only pay us the service fee for processing your Vietnam visa. And it’s so easy to recognize that total fee you will pay is lower than the amount that you pay for getting a visa at Vietnam Embassy in your country. And with our fixed price for all providing services, you can fully trust us for no addition fee.

By applying visa at our website, you do not spend your time outside for waiting at the Embassy instead of processing online with your information and payment online. Then we will help you to collect your re-approval letter for Vietnam visa in order to getting visa stamped at the airport as our visa processing.

Moreover, we hold many promotions a year to give the customer more options for a visa. We often discount from 25% up to 75 % of the agent service fee and free 100% of service fee for those who choose an extra service as Hotel booking service or Domestic flights booking service.

6. How quick do we transfer the information to you?

Immediately, we have a campaign for promotion or new useful service or information related to Vietnam visa, our Staff will quick note to all of customers by email or post on our News page. By that way, you can easily to find out them and choose if you need.

For more details, please visit our website at www.vietnamvisacorp.com

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