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Whether Indian national residing UK require visa for cruising Vietnam

Q: We are two passengers holding Republic of Indian Passports but residing in the UK with residence permit for 46 years. Please tell us do we need tourist visa or transit visa or there is no need for visa for cursing Nha Trang 21 March 2013 and Phu My 22 March 2013 by Cunard Victoria cruise ship Line returning to ship both night.

Posted by: Sukumar & Krishna Sengupta | Jan 19 2013 : 4:07 p.m.

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 Dear Mr Sukumar & Krishna Sengupta,

Thanks for your interest to our webiste,

We are so sorry because we cannot support a visa for you.

We only support the visa by air.

If you want to get a visa, please contact with Vietnamese Embassy.

They will help you get a visa to travel to Vietnam.


For more information about how to get Vietnam visa or Who really need a visa to Vietnam. Please contact us via email:[email protected] or Hotline: +84932.177.566. We always support you 24/7.

Thanks and best regards,

Vietnam Visa Corp.


Posted by: Admin | Jan 19 2013 : 10:04 p.m.

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