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Why should you have some USD cash ready before going to Vietnam?

Stamp fee - Only USD cash chargeNowadays, there are many foreigners come to Vietnam and get surprise and meet difficulties of why they cannot use their own cash for stamp fee and they don't know how to do when they don't ready have USD with them. It may let them land in an embarrassing situation and make them worried a lot when they are abroad.

Some tourists think the fee they pay online to Visa agent is all they must pay for a Vietnam visa. As our explaining, besides visa service fee, you must prepare for a visa stamp fee that you will pay at the airport when you arrive. Now I would help you to know what Stamp fee is.

Visa stamp fee is the amount that you must pay directly to Immigration Department officers at arrival airport as below:

Types of Visa Stamping fee/pax will pay at Airport when Arrive
1 month single $45
3 months single $45
1 month multiple $65
3 months multiple $95
3 months multiple at Embassy N/A
6 months multiple $135

Only USD and VND cash are able to use in this case. And please note that you have credit card with USD, but only VND cash can be withdraw sum of money from your account at ATM station in Vietnam and you have to pay for transaction service fee. Here is the first and very important reason that you should prepare your cash if you don't want to change from your currency to USD with high Exchange Rate at the airport or pay for transaction service at ATM.

Below, we will show you more reasons that you should have USD cash ready with you. Please carefully check with us.

Almost tourists choose the Car pick-up service of travel or Visa agent, but some of them will try to take a taxi by their self and unfortunately meet many problems with Taxi fee. Because there are many kinds of taxi with different prices which tourists do not know how or what they can base on to have the service fee. It may charge you much money than the agent fixed price. You can look at our fixed price for referent of car pick-up service. If you prefer to take an airport taxi, please be advised you will need to pay the taxi driver in Vietnamese Dong.

You will be offered a private car for your group with the appropriate number of seats and fee as follows:

Port of Arrival / Kind of Car Tan Son Nhat - Ho Chi Minh Noi Bai - Ha Noi Da Nang Airport
Private Car
4 seats $25 $30 $30
7 seats $35 $40 $40
16 seats $45 $50 $50
24 seats $75 $85 $85

Moreover, Vietnam is a nation where people refer using cash than other ways. So going shopping or somewhere, you should prepare cash, especially VND cash ready with you. I know when travelling, almost tourists refer to use Credit Card, because it is small and easy to keep safe. However, Vietnam just applies credit card payment into supermarket, restaurant and hotel. Now people still keep the old habit using cash for all of stores, so Credit card does not become popular. Therefore, now you must have cash if you would like to go to shop in citizen market with many stores to sales variety of good.

Finally, for having a nice trip to Vietnam, you should know more tips that can help you having experience as a real Vietnamese people.


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