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Vietnam visa extension when you are in Vietnam

Vietnam visa extension when you are in VietnamAs we know, many individuals who come to Vietnam on a business/travel Visa would like to stay in Vietnam longer. They can apply for a visa extension now. The applicants can extend directly at Vietnam Immigration Department, but they need to have a sufficient legal Unit, Individual or Organization can act as guarantee for applicant's visa extension.

The extension may or may not be granted depending upon the reason for the extension and whether Vietnam Immigration Department is convinced that the applicant extends to return to his/her home country after the temporary stay in Vietnam or not. It may be a complex issue for you.

However, Vietnam Visa Corp - one of official Units can make Vietnam visa extension or renewal and only requires a valid passport with current visa stamp from applicant. Usually, the maximum duration for extension you can ask is 3 months/time, 3 times/visa and only single entry visa was approval.

Nevertheless, in case you would like to ask the 3 months multiple entry visa extension, please directly contact our office to have more advices. We offer 3 ways for you to extend visa below:

If you consider extending your Vietnam visa with us, please kindly check the service fee charged in visa fee section at our above website. Come and extend Vietnam visa with us now to stay in Vietnam longer.


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