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Custom Luggage Policy for People Entry Vietnam

1. Declaration Procedures

The people who entry Vietnam should check their luggage with the free luggage-duty quotas is specified by Vietnamese Custom Post before their custom declarations. If they do not have any luggage which exceeds the free duty quotas, or luggage delivered before or after their trips, they do not have to make any custom declaration procedures on exit or entry declaration forms.

When luggage exceeds free duty quotas luggage, the passengers will have to make custom procedures on Vietnamese entry (or exit) declaration forms. The excess luggage will be considered as import goods. It's complied with the import goods and tax provisions in Vietnamese law.

If totals payable tax of the excess luggage are under 50,000 VND, it will be exempt passenger's from taxes.

People who entry Vietnam many times due to their business, such as a pilots or a crew of sea-going ships or trains or Vietnamese labor is working out of country, will not be entitled to enjoy the free-tax for excess luggage every entry time. It was prescribed at items 1, 2, 3 and 5 in the appendix of this Decree. However, they can enjoy the free tax quotas every 90 days.

2. Provisions of Luggage

The luggage of people who enter a country means all essential things for their daily need or all needs of their trip. It's include accompanied luggage and unaccompanied luggage which is sent before or after their entry.

The limit time to receive unaccompanied luggage for people enter Vietnam is not exceed 30 days from the date when their luggage arrives the border gates.

- When the passengers entry or exit Vietnam, they can deposit their luggage at the border gate and custom the warehouse after that they can reclaim to receive them. The time limit for depositing luggage should not exceed 180 days from the date when luggage is deposited.

In the deposited luggage duration, if the passengers who entry or exit Vietnam make written documents to abandon their deposited luggage or their luggage reclaims is failed, the chief of the custom sub-department will organize the liquidation or destruction to obey the provisions in law. The process of goods liquidation will be remitted to the budget of State if the expenses of preservation or liquidation goods arises.

3. The luggage free tax quotas

The luggage free tax quotas for each of passenger enter Vietnam are stipulated every entry time not to aggregate free-tax quotas for several people, except for accompanied luggage of members in family who are on the same trip.

  • The quotas of stipulated item of goods
  • For liquor: the passengers enter Vietnam can carry the complete bottle, pot, jar or can with the volume of liquor is exempted from tax is not more than 01 liter. If it over this limit, they must pay tax for the excess volume.
  • For cigarettes and cigars: ? 
  • For clothes or other articles of the passenger daily life needs: each passengers can carry clothes and other daily articles with reasonable quantity and suitable their purposes for trip.

Below are the free-tax quotas of luggage for people enter Vietnam





Belongings and Items




Liquor and alcoholic drinks:- Liquor of 22% proof or higher- Liquor of under 22% proof

- Alcoholic drinks, beer


1.5 liters 

2.0 liters


3.0 liters


Under-18 people shall not be entitled to enjoy these quotas.


Cigarettes:- Rolled cigarettes- Cigars

- Shredded tobacco


400 cigarettes100 cigars

50 grams


Under-18 people shall not be entitled to enjoy these quotas.


Tea, coffee:- Tea- Coffee

5 kg3 kg

Under-18 people shall not be entitled to enjoy these quotas.


Clothes, personal belongings

With reasonable quantity in service of the trip's purpose



Articles other than those mentioned at Items 1, 2, 3 and 4 in this Appendix (not included in the list of goods banned from import or subject to conditional import).

Total value not exceeding VND 5,000,000 (five million)


4. Luggage of people leave Vietnam

According to provisions in Vietnamese law, the luggage of people exit Vietnam is not be restricted, except for the articles on the list of goods is banned from exporting or subject to conditional export.

5. Reference Documents

Circular No. 113/2005/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance of December 15, 2005 guiding the implementation of the Law on Import Tax and Export Tax.


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