Vietnam Visa Corp FAQs

19. Which country citizens are exempt from Vietnam Visa?

Under the trade cooperation between countries, the Government of Vietnam has approved the exemption of visa for the countries as follows to promote bilateral relations and tourism development of the country. The visa exemption is issued is a maximum of 30 days and a minimum ...

20. How to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassies or Consulates?

You can apply online Vietnam Visa at Embassy - 3 months Multiple at our website. It is very easy with 3 steps: Find Vietnam Embassies or Consulates by country near your location at link Vietnam Embassy Fill out the secure form online application, including the ...

21. Welcome

Vietnam now open and welcome all travelers and business people to Vietnam. Thanks to that, getting visa to Vietnam now very easy and simple. There is a new way to get visa to Vietnam very simple and easy but rarely someone knows about it. That ...

22. What is process of requesting approval letter for Vietnam Visa?

After checking information and receiving customer's payment, we will send pre approval letter for their visa within 24 hours. Customer will get visa at the airport when they arrive Vietnam airport. Please contact us at email [email protected] or phone number (+84) 932.177.566 if not receive the approval ...

23. What is Vietnam visa approval letter code?

One of the ways is very simple, easy and fast to get a visa by Vietnam visa applications upon arrival that we recommended or contact directly with Vietnam Embassy to get your visa. Beside, you can also apply online for Vietnam visa at Embassy on ...

24. Should I provide you with the exact date of arrival?

No, not necessarily. The arrival date you provide should be the earliest you plan to arrive, but you can arrive after that date. The exit date is the last day you are permitted to be in the country, unless you get a visa extension. For ...
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